The World’s first global meetups & social events platform leveraging Blockchain technology.

BeeSocials: Share your passion. Make money.

Hold social events at home and safely enjoy them with locals. Hosts make money, guests save money. Everyone makes new friends. Our platform takes care of all the hassle, including: Event Listing, advertising, ticketing, payment processing and security with full liability insurance for all.

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Introducing BeeSocials…

A world first.

BeeSocials is an online platform connecting you to social events happening in HOMES around you. Think of it as the ‘AirBnB’ of events. We provide an end-to-end solution for anyone wishing to host and manage any type of social event, anywhere in the world. The world’s first platform of it’s kind to enable anyone to earn a living working from home, hosting events to share their passion and make money while meeting new people and making new friends. Leveraging Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrency, we provide a secure and decentralised, payment, trust and review system.

How it Works



Intelligent algorithm

Our unique intelligent algorithm will recommend events specifically
tailored to individual users



Users can host any type of event
they wish,as long as there are other
people who are interested, otherwise you will be partying on your own.


Location based

Making use of geolocation, we will be able recommend events in the local area, based on the distance a user selects



Hosts will have the ability to select multiple categories when they list the event and Users will have the option to also browse by category to explore events they may like.

Token Offering

Token Economics

  • BEE tokens will be used for all transactions within the platform, including events tickets and other services advertised by vendors.
  • Users will be able to ‘tip’ hosts with the BEE token only
  • Fiat transactions charged at 15%, encouraging users to buy BEE token with only 2% fee to cover services such as escrow. This will in turn increases demand for the BEE token
  • We also intend to burn 25% of all BEE tokens used within the platform, creating scarcity of the token and increasing the value. We will continue doing this until the circulating supply is halved to 50 million.
  • Tokens will be used for event marketing. Hosts will assign a certain portion of tokens for promoting their event. Potential guests will then be rewarded for sharing an event on their social media with their friends, if they were to buy a ticket.


The pre-sale will start on November 25th 2017. The pre-sale will last for a period of 4 weeks, ending on December 23rd 2017. The total supply of BEE coins will be 100,000,000 and no more will ever be minted. The exchange and bonus structure is defined below, with early investors being rewarded the most. Prior to the pre-sale we will be running a special bonus for a limited number of early investors.

Bonus Structure

We have a simplified bonus structure, to reward
early investors who believe in our project.


First 7 days of pre-sale – 40% bonus


Next 7 days – 30% bonus


Next 7 days – 20% bonus


The ICO will begin on, January 6th 2018 and run for a period of 4 weeks, ending on February 3rd 2018.  We strongly advise, if you are interested in the project, you should invest early to receive the best price. After all, as the old saying goes, the profit is indeed made on the purchase and not the sale.

Reminder: If we do not meet our minimum target as detailed in the whitepaper, during the ICO, then these contributions will be returned to the wallet they were sent from, minus any gas.

Why Contribute?

BeeSocials isn’t something that is just been dreamt up overnight. It is a project that has been in the pipeline for over a year and a lot of hard work has gone into laying the ground work for which we are building the platform on. We have an MVP, we have a team and connections and most of all we have hosts(customers) who are ready to jump on the platform! Everything has been planned, and we have worked hard to get our “ducks in line” so to speak, so that we can hit the ground running once the ICO is over. The people want this, all we have to do is build it now.

Here’s a high level list of some of the key points which really make an investment in BeeSocials a rewarding proposition:

  • A committed, passionate and experienced CEO & team
  • Several hosts already signed up without any marketing
  • A tried and tested business model
  • A booming sharing economy, growing at a rapid rate
  • Extensive first hand research and experience in the events space
  • MVP built and successfully carried out market validation for the past 6 months
  • Several options for your return on your contributions

Use Of Funds

The funds raised from the crowd sale will be used for development, marketing, legal, business development and reserve as illustrated below. As you can see from the below chart, the majority of funds will be allocated to marketing, as this is where the main focus will be to drive growth and uptake of the platform.




A high-level roadmap of key project milestones is illustrated below, with a further detailed breakdown in the following pages.


This is a highlevel view of the team structure. Our development team will consist of 10 developers working on the project under our CTO and access to further resources through codezilla will be available if the team needs to be ramped up.

Hamir Modhwadia
Founder & CEO
An engineering graduate from a prestigious UK university with a wealth of corporate experience having worked for some of the biggest technology consulting firms and tier 1 investment banks. Previously founded an events company and a digital solutions business. His third venture, BeeSocials, aims to be the biggest social events platform globally by 2020.
Sahil Sethi
Business Strategy
Sahil is a serial entrepreneur, having started multiple businesses, he is currently running Ailis ventures and a social enterprise, as founder and CEO. He has a wealth of experience in business strategy and currently advises and supports several startups.
TED TalkBeSuperToday
Haider Kanchwala
Haider is an experienced CTO has previously founded an ad-tech company called Rewinr, before going on to start CodeZilla, a software house specialising in web and mobile development servicing client globally, with a primary focus on start-ups. He has wok through all stages of the software development cycle multiple times with real hand on experience on multiple startups.
Vamshi Vangapally
Smart Contract Developer
Vamshi is an experienced full stack web developer who has designed, developed and deployed several scalable and high impact web applications and hybrid mobile solutions. He has been involved in the cryptocurrency community since 2013, and is the founder of confusedcoin, which aims to educate people new to cryptocurrency. He will be overseeing the development and managing a team of 10 developers.
Manki Modhwadia
Manki is a Law graduate who brings a diverse range of skills and a wealth of experience in areas such as legal/compliance, administration and marketing.
Sean Roccia
Marketing Executive
Sean is very entrepreneurial and he has gone on to found 2 other companies and studied sports as a business in his college years. He is a socialite and loves Fitness, Golf and Fishing. Prior to joining BeeSocials, he was working on a social networking app which would bring together people with similar interests over event, so he is very passionate about this area.
Technical Executor


Not only are we lucky enough to have the support of amazing advisors, but they also have directly relevant experience with startups, crowdfunding and a similar sharing economy platform.

Daniel Hinden (CEO at OFIXU )
Advisor to BeeSocials
Dan Hinden is a London based serial entrepreneur, with over 15 years experience. He has been successful in rapidly scaling 3 separate internet start-ups. Dan was previously a key founding member of Wimdu which received $110m investment and he also set-up Jumio UK backed by Facebook Co-Founder Eduardo Saverin and Andreessen Horowitz. His 4th startup OFIXU, the 'AirBnB' of office space just closed a £1.8m pre money valuation funding on Seedrs.
Steve Chapman (Head of Enterprise at UON)
Advisor to BeeSocials
Steve is currently the Head of the Ingenuity Lab at The University of Nottingham which runs the UK’s largest entrepreneurship competition annually, awarding over £100,000 to promising start-ups. The Ingenuity lab is part of the Hayden Green Institute (HGI) for Innovation and entrepreneurship, which is among Europe's leading centres for enterprise education.
Sharon Hughes (Barrister)
Legal Advisor to BeeSocials
Sharon Hughes is a Barrister registered with the Bar of England & Wales. She is also fluent in French and has previously worked within a French law firm in Paris. Sharon will provide us legal council as we navigate this relatively new industry called the sharing economy.
Morgan Deane (Investment Banking CEO)
Advisor to BeeSocials
Mr. Morgan Deane is the Chief Executive Officer of the Baader Helvea Group, an international investment bank, based in Zurich, with responsibility for business operations in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Previously he held Vice President roles at JPMorgan and Bear Stearns covering Investment Banking, Fund Servicing, Derivatives & Distressed Debt businesses in Europe & Asia-Pacific. Morgan is a US Attorney, admitted to the Federal and Supreme Court (New York) and is a regular speaker & writer on matters of International Regulation & International Corporate Law. He sits on the Boards of financial companies Switzerland, the UK and the US, and acts as a strategic advisor to investment firms in the Middle East and start up companies in Europe.
Jason Hung
Blockchain Advisor
Jason has more than 20 years proven track record as an entrepreneur and inventor in mobile technology, blockchain, digital marketing, AI and ERP related businesses. He is the co-founder and strategy advisor of several blockchain projects including MBAT bank and GoldPower.
Douglas Lyons
ICO Advisor
Brenn Hill
ICO/Blokchain Advisor


(Current & Potential)

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Here are some common questions you may have. If you have a question which is not listed here, please contact us.

What is BeeSocials?

BeeSocials is the world’s first social events platform connecting you to events happening in homes around you. It is the world’s first platform of its kind to leverage Blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. Simply think of it as the ‘”AirBnB of events”.

Why would anyone use your platform?

Good question! We understand user acquisition will be pivotal to the success of BeeSocials, more so than the technology solution we provide. For this reason, we have an innovative and diverse plan to increase user adoption through multiple channels. This is largely incentive driven, both for hosts and guests, which provides a no brainer solution over the current options available, so it really isn’t a hard sell.

On top of the obvious monetary and convenience incentives, our user adoption strategies involve hosting our own BeeSocials events, partnerships with universities, hostels and hotels, as well as leveraging and adding to our large network of event hosts from sites such as meetup. We already have a number of hosts who are keen to start using the platform upon launch. Furthermore, a significant percentage of the crowdfunding contributions will be allocated to marketing, focussing on social media and working with a key number of influencers to reach out to our key demographics.

Why should I invest in BeeSocials over the other projects?

We could tell you about how amazing and world changing our platform will be (which it will), but let’s face it, any investor want’s to minimise risk and maximise returns right? Well, not only do we give you this option, we also give flexibility for multiple exit routes too! Short term investors can get their return on their contributions by selling their tokens on an exchange while medium term investors can take part in our voucher exchange programme and long term investors can hold their BEE tokens to watch the value increase and reap all the benefits of using them on the platform when they are integrated. Imagine if you had bought $100k+ of Uber credit, at a large discount 5 years ago?

What is the size of the market for BeeSocials?

The sharing economy market is huge but not only that; it is growing faster than Facebook, Google and Yahoo combined, valued at $15 billion in its first 7 years compared to the combined growth of Facebook, Google and Yahoo of $11 billion. The UK is cited as being the centre of the sharing economy, being viewed very favourably by the UK government who have setup a trade body(SEUK) to support and empower this sector and the UK market alone is worth £20 Billion+, just on meals and drinks consumed outside in social environments.

How confident are you that BeeSocials will succeed?

In any business, of any kind, the people are the most important. We not only have experienced, talented and driven individuals in every one of our team members, but they are all passionate about the same cause, and they have been involved in similar start-up ventures in the social and events space. This is not merely a job for them, bringing people together and innovating the way we connect has been their passion long before BeeSocials. This also extends to our advisors, who share the same passions and have a directly relevant experience in the sharing economy (see team section). To add to this, we already have an MVP, partnership with a large University and a number of guests ready to jump on the platform! We are very excited to say the least!